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 I was born July 8, 1965 in Washington, D.C., areas up in Deanwood, N.E. I attended Merritt Elementary School, 50th and Hayes Street, N.E., 1st-6th grade. I then attended Roper Junior High School for two years even though both years I attended the same grade LOL. After which I went to Chesapeake Job Corps Center September 15, 1981 where I studied for my diploma as well as a trade.

Originally my trade was going to be in the electrical field (such as an electrician). However, I was placed in the plastering trade. I told my instructor I came here to be an electrician. My instructor told me to give the class a week and if I didn’t like this trade he would place me in a different class. After that week I enjoyed the plaster trade, drywall repairs, brown coat, white coat and all that goes with the trade and I was stuck. My instructor asked me where I wanted to be and I told him I wanted to be in the plaster trade and that is where I’ve been ever since.

After two years of Trade School, out of 164 people who attended September 15, 1981 at CJCC, I am proud to say I am 1 of only 2 to graduate September 15, 1983 and that is something I will always be proud of. I then attended UDC for one semester and that was that. After school I started working for different people and plastering companies doing what I do best and that is plaster, brown coat, white coat, drywall and everything that goes along with the trade.

Working and partying were my things for a while and hanging out at The Ebony Inn. Dr. St. John was the DJ for the club. Every now and then he would let me come back and let me mess around with his records. The more I messed around with the records the more I enjoyed it. The regulars at the club liked to hear me play and requested I get back there and DJ for them.

We would go to cabarets and parties to see my Uncle DC Fats and other prominent DJ’s like Graham Cracker and Ezzy, the music never stopped when they played. They would play one record into another record and the music went on for hours. When I went to The Ebony Inn with John I noticed a difference. The difference was John played one record after the other over and over again. That is when I realized I did not want to just play records I wanted to mix because the music constantly plays and anybody can just play records.

From here I called DC Fats and asked him to show me how to become a DJ and everything that went with it. He didn’t take me seriously because of my past life style but I knew that most DJ’s were using Technique 1200 turntables, so I saved $1,000.00 and bought a pair of real turntables of my own. I would take my turntables up to The Ebony Inn and practice (do my thing). Once DC Fats found out he let me go to his house and practice in his studio.

As I continued to practice and get help from other DJ’s that came by Fats studio, such as Capricorn D (RIP) and other DJ's  things started getting a lot easier. Fats would give me 2 of the same records and have me play them back and forth for hours. I thought this was really boring not realizing what he was teaching me. You have to be able to mix two of the same records before you can mix two different records, which is harder than it seems especially starting out. I would go home and practice after leaving the studio and get help from DJ Al-V at my mother’s house. He would teach me mixes some which he stole from DJ Phaase, don’t tell LOL. I kept practicing 3-5 hours a day.

After that people said they would hire me if I had my own equipment so that is what I did, I started buying my equipment. Needless to say after buying some equipment no one had hired me for cabarets by myself but I gave my own parties under BTM Productions. I started putting my name on flyers with other known DJ’s such as Jas. Funk and DJ Phaase.

I started to DJ at Irving’s Banquet Hall on Ritchie Road where I became one of their house DJ’s. I would play for male and female entertainers and cabarets and I continued to give my own parties promoting my name.

One day I got a visit from DC Fats at Irving’s, he heard I was playing and he stopped to see me. He was happy and impressed to see that I bought my own equipment and was serious about deejaying. He called me a few days later and said he heard a lot of good things about me and he wanted me to become a Zodiac Super Jock at this point. I became the newest member of Zodiac Super Jocks in ten years.

At this point people started to hire me for cabarets FINALLY but not as often as I liked so I still had to do things to be around that atmosphere helping other DJ’s such as DJ Jas. Funk, Graham Cracker, and DC Fats. After hanging out with them, playing on their shows and being around them I learned more and more and was able to go out on my own. Then I was constantly working and getting hired to do cabarets by myself and it became difficult to hang around and help other DJ’s as I used to do because I was now on my own and officially DJ BLACK ZSJ. 


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